2021 -22 Season

If you are still looking for a volleyball family, we have spots available!

12's, 13's & 14's

All positions available

14's - 1

Strong, experienced players for a 3rd year team.  Limited spots.


Few spots available

Contact us for more information and to schedule your evaluation!


 The Colorado Volleyball Club Youth League (CYL)

Ages 11-14 (5th-8th grade)

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Rebel Summer Series is here!!

We have a fun summer full of volleyball ahead!

Camp, mini camp, Strength & Conditioning, clinics, open gyms & Tryouts!!  You don't want to miss our Rebel Summer Series - Prepare yourself for the season ahead.  This Summer join us with a Purpose.  To improve, succeed, learn and have fun!

Tryouts - Club Season 2021/22 Registration:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/264853

3 Day mini Hitting & Setting Camp Registration:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/267524

Strength & Conditioning Registration:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/267448

Clinics / Ages 11-14 Registration:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/267253

Clinics / Ages 15 and Up Registration:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/267740

Open Gyms / Ages 11-13 (beginner) Registration:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/267242

Open Gyms / Ages 12-14 Registration:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/267244

Open Gyms / Ages 15 and Up Registration:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/267444

Club Youth League Tryouts - Summer Tryouts for Fall league Registration:   https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/264009


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Rebel Volleyball Alliance is a junior volleyball program for ages 10-18 in the North Metro region of Colorado. We will compete in the Rocky Mountain Region for USAV.

We BELIEVE in empowering our athletes to be STRONG, FIERCE and CONFIDENT

We BELIEVE in training the whole athlete. Our athletes will receive training for volleyball skills, knowledge and mental toughness designed to improve their level of success and reach their maximum playing potential so they are STRONG and FIERCE competitors.

We BELIEVE in giving back to our community.

We BELIEVE every Rebel athlete has something of value to add.

We BELIEVE in Positive Mental Attitude.

We BELIEVE in respect, team and club pride and carrying ourselves with dignity and honor.

We BELIEVE in enhancing physical and mental attributes of our athletes.

We BELIEVE in fostering a positive environment for our athletes to grow, learn and push themselves to reaching the next level and being the best they can be.

We BELIEVE in instilling CONFIDENCE in our athletes on the court, in life and into their future endeavors.

We value our athletes, parents and supporters and BELIEVE in building an ALLIANCE between ourselves, our athletes, coaches, trainers and parents for the common good of our athletes and club.



We are excited to announce our partnership with

The Courts Sports Complex!!

The official practice space of Rebel Volleyball Alliance




Be Strong

Be Fierce

Be Confident


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We are REBEL NATION -Forging mentally tough athletes to develop STRONG,

FIERCE, CONFIDENT young athletes on the court, in the community and in life.  BE A REBEL.